A breakthrough is defined as “an important discovery, or instance of achieving success.”

At Nadcap Consulting Associates, we have studied the nature of Nadcap auditing, audit preparation and the strengths and weaknesses of the current practices. We are Nadcap experts; lead Nadcap auditors, NUCAP auditors, quality experts, engineers, aerospace executives and experienced educators.

Our analysis has shown that the consulting community is excellent at document creation and systems design but few, if any, have been auditors or suppliers or ‘real’ teachers who understand the methods of the audit process and understand how to master it and then teach those skills to others.

Most audits relegate the supplier to having to react to the audit process. We will level the playing field and take a supplier through the preparation step-by-step to assure success. We will train you to be in control of the audit process through thorough preparation.

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