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Nadcap Consulting Associates is comprised of Lead Nadcap Auditors with years of experience and hundreds of audits. The firm has established high standards of performance. All team members are Lead Nadcap Auditors in disciplines such as Chemical Processing, Coatings, Heat Treat, and NDT. The team is comprised of technical experts in their fields who are also experts with Nadcap requirements.

Our Lead Consultant, Bill Corcoran, is a Lead Nadcap Auditor in Chemical Processing, a NUCAP qualified auditor and a qualified eQualearn instructor.  eQualearn is the education arm of PRI and offers numerous courses relevant to Nadcap. Courses taught by team members include Root Cause/Corrective Action, Contract Review, PFMEA, Statistical Process Control, Heat Treat, Non-Destructive Testing and preparation courses for all of the relevant disciplines covered

Corcoran left his law practice in the early 90’s to become CEO of a finishing company in New England. One division was in chemical processing and Corcoran quickly moved that division toward Nadcap accreditation. Upon achieving that status, the company quickly capitalized on the myriad opportunities available to them; performing work for Primes such as Raytheon, Honeywell, Boeing and Harris Corporation. He steered the company toward engineering as its core competency and achieved significant growth doing so.

The assembled team of experts match Corcoran’s credentials. Nadcap requirements are very technical and the team at Nadcap Consulting Associates is experienced with those requirements over years of auditing, teaching and consulting.  For Heat Treat/Pyrometry, Nadcap Consulting Associates partners with Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry. www.atp-cal.com

This team of experienced experts has studied the nature of Nadcap auditing, audit preparation and the strengths and weaknesses of the current practices. Not only are we lead auditors, quality experts, aerospace executives, but also, more importantly,  experienced educators. Our analysis and actual hands-on experience has shown that the process works best for all involved when the supplier is an educated,  proactive participant. By the supplier contributing to managing the flow of information, documents, records, and answers to checklist questions, the Nadcap auditor can be comfortable and assured that all information is forthcoming.

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