During a Chemical Processing audit, a minimum of four(4) job audits are conducted by the Nadcap auditor, who is onsite for an average of 3 days depending on the scope of the audit. Nadcap Auditors spend in excess of 80% of their time on the process floor evaluating the effectiveness of the supplier’s planning, process control systems and processing procedures. Auditors examine travelers, work instructions, associated purchase orders, drawings and specifications to verify compliance by the supplier.

The paperwork review evaluates the effectiveness of the planning system in identifying customer requirements and flowing them to the shop papers. The next step is to witness the operator processing the hardware. This determines operator compliance with shop papers, effectiveness of planning, operator training and process control. In addition to the process, the final tests and inspections are also witnessed – again to verify effective planning, training and controls.

In order to achieve a successful audit, it’s pertinent to understand the process and have guidance from experienced auditors. To ensure you are prepared for this complicated process and any necessary follow up procedures, let Nadcap Consulting Associates simplify it for you. We offer the following:

  • Audit/accreditation preparation
  • Guidance and assistance through the required Nadcap quality system, including manuals, procedures, and forms
  • Fullfillment of the applicable Nadcap checklists to meet all requirements
  • Ongoing gap assessments and corresponding reports
  • Attendance at the actual audit
  • Root Cause/Corrective Action training
  • Follow up procedures to ensure systems are being effectively implemented and monitored.

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